"That's the scariest & greatest Drop Ride I've ever been on"  -Bert the Conqueror

The Soaring Eagle Daring Drop is the new standard when it comes to safety, functionality, and fun!


Our custom designed restraint system is a massive part of the rider experience.  We don't use over the head harnesses that many other manufacturers use.

The Soaring Eagle restraint system allow riders to feel new sensations totally unique to other drop rides.  Riders experience a true 'free-fall' into the magnetic brakes at the bottom.  Our Daring Drop tower presents the drop ride in an all-new way.


Braking System: Our magnetic braking system allow the riders to feel a smooth yet safe stop.  Jerking and bouncing is a feeling best left in the past.

Ride Capacity:  Up to 12 riders can be loaded at a time, making the Soaring Eagle Daring Drop an efficient ride for operators.


True Drop Design:  We deliver a true free fall.  There is nothing connected once the hook releases the cart.  

Lighting Package:  LED light packages are available to increase visibility as well as engage the riders in an overall fun, light-hearted experience.

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