"To live will be an awfully BIG ADVENTURE." - Peter Pan

Axe Pros Website

March 05, 2019

The complete axe throwing systems designed to level the playing field, and up the ante.

We take our business very seriously, let’s face it….throwing an axe is a serious business. We have dedicated ourselves to absolute excellence. Our patented target only touches the tip of the iceberg in terms of quality. Our throwing lanes are built in such a way, to show the quality, and keep everyone safe while they “sharpen” their skills.

Soaring Eagle Zip Line make news in Las Vegas

May 23, 2013

“This is different than the typical zip line”, says Joe Shortal, partner in new formed New Capital Ventures that is behind the installation of an exciting new ride at The Rio in Las Vegas.

Guests will soar more than 400 feet above the off-Strip hotel-casino. They will travel 845 feet to the top of 20 story Ipanema tower, reaching speeds up to 33 mph, then return upward while traveling backward at 25 mph to the starting point.

Total ride covers nearly one-third of a mile and takes 1 min and 10 seconds from start to finish.

The ride gives guests a breathtaking 360-degree open air view of the Strip.

Experience the Superstition Zipline

January 29, 2013

Take a ride on the Superstitious side…

Located in Goldfield Ghost Town, this once bustling mining town, is just minutes outside of Phoenix, Arizona. It is a unique new home to our daring, dynamic, and one of a kind Superstition Zipline.

The Superstition Mountains has a new experience to add to the mystery, history, and wild abandonment, that legend holds those daring enough to ride. Descend from above the desert and amongst these mountain tops changed forever.

Perched 115 feet in the air this non-extreme, partner-paired zipline, hoists and sends you soaring across the Superstition mountain range at over 30 miles per hour. This family friendly attraction will have you darting through the desert sky while taking in a birds-eye view of all the surroundings.

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