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Do one thing that scares you every day. -Eleanor Roosevelt



The latest innovation from Soaring Eagle is the all-new Saddle Sling!

This incredibly smooth ride gives the riders the sensation of complete exposure as they are 'slung' straight up into the air!  Three monitored restraints keeps each of the riders secured in place as they fly!  

Ride inventor, Stan Checketts, always wanted to 'velcro' the backside of a rider and stick them to a seat while they are being flung through the sky.  "This is as close as anyone can ever come to that!" Stan says.  


One of the great features of the Soaring Eagle Saddle Sling is riders have their decision of whether or not to flip at the top of the ride cycle.  Riders simply tell the ride operator of their decision and they can go straight up and down, or flip at the top!  The Saddle Sling is an impact ride- spectators will line up to watch and cheer on their party members as they encourage one another brave the ride!  It's a major draw you've got to try!  Incredibly fun, but not terribly scary.

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The Soaring Eagle's custom designed restraint system let riders experience unparalleled exposure compared to any other thrill ride.  Each rider is monitored at 6 safety points.  


Braking System: Our pneumatic drive and braking system allow riders to feel an incredible smooth yet safe stop.  Jerking and bouncing is a feeling best left in the past.

Ride Capacity:  2 riders can be loaded at a time, making the Soaring Eagle Saddle Sling a great ride for sharing memories with a friend.


Rider's Decision:  Make a choice whether to flip att he top or's your call! 

Lighting Package:  LED light packages are available to increase visibility as well as engage the riders in an overall fun, light-hearted experience.

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