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FIVE BENEFITS:  Why Soaring Eagle Ziplines Are Unique

Zip Line Rides are increasing in popularity. Over the last several years the number of zip line attractions in the United States has grown from only a handful in 2005 to currently over 300 (according to and growing. This growing fascination with zip lines makes for a sure attention grabbing crowd magnet for attraction sites.  However, certain factors have made zip line rides unattractive options for site owners – until now (more on that later). Here are 5 of the biggest differences between Soaring Eagle Zip Lines and conventional zip line attractions.

1. Efficiency & Labor with Zipline Rides

As income producing attractions, traditional zip line rides can be inefficient and labor intense.The expenses involved in being successful with a traditional zip line operation can add up quickly. Typical zip line rides require a crew to man and operate. Ride operators must be highly trained and aware of all safety hazards associated with every step in the course including inspecting equipment, harnessing and fitting guests, and coaching riders thru the process. Staging areas are required at both top and bottom of the ride to harness, load, and unload riders. Harnesses and equipment require constant inspection, care, and upkeep for smooth and safe operation. Often guests are required to go thru brief safety training themselves before riding which adds additional time, training, and steps to the process. No wonder zip line rides can be quickly dismissed as a profit generating attraction for many sites.


First, a full crew is not required to run a Soaring Eagle Zip Line ride. A single operator is all it takes to fully man and control the ride. This is achieved by loading and unloading the guests from a single location (which can be either at the top or the bottom of the ride). Guests, which are securely restrained in a double seater cart, are hoisted to the top of the ride with Soaring Eagle’s unique reverse lifting system. The controls are simple and eliminate the need and expense of highly skilled operators. No harnessing and coaching of guests is required as the riders are seated and restrained safely in the ride cart by the operator before each ride. No monitoring and inspecting of trolleys and harnesses. No need for staging and highly trained operators at both top and bottom of ride. No need to coach and train guests. Soaring Eagle Zip Lines are simple, profitable, and fun.

2. Safety Concerns

Safety issues associated with typical zip line rides make them high liability risks.The biggest contributing factors of zip line safety risks are in the human element. Safety risk increases with each additional point of human intervention in the process. Consider the number of potential human interactions in the typical zip line ride process with a crew at both top and bottom of the ride, harnessing and fitting guests, coaching riders, loading and unloading riders, and inspecting and handling equipment. Repetitive and labor intense harnessing and fitting of each rider can leave even best operator prone to fatigue, thereby increasing the likelihood of operator error and degrading ride safety. In some cases with traditional zip line rides, guests are asked to carry the ride equipment and harness which allows the equipment they carry to go out of the control of the ride operators and exposes the resort or facility to all of the accompanying liabilities along with the potential for undetected damage to occur during transport.


The majority of potential human error has been eliminated in Soaring Eagle Zip Lines rides as it requires only one easily trained operator. Restraints are locked and electronically monitored by two proximity sensors which must be engaged before the ride can operate. Soaring Eagle’s Patent Pending spring braking system assures a safe and comfortable landing on every cycle. You will not find a safer zip line ride in the industry.

3. Ride Cycle Times on Zipline Rides

Conventional zip line rides often have slower ride cycle times. Most typical zip lines have a capacity of only a single rider at a time and require repeated mounting and removing of the ride equipment from the riding cable. This, coupled with harnessing and coaching the riders through the process results in increased ride cycle time, which reduces rider throughput and consequently revenue.


With Soaring Eagle Zip Lines guests can load and unload at ground level. They do not need to climb any stairs, hills, or towers to reach launch point (except, of course, the stairs required to access a launch platform at ground level before boarding the ride).
Each line can accommodate up to 60 riders per hour (30 cycles) on an average length zip line with a trained operator.

4. Access and Scale-Ability

Zip line rides require a high starting point. Therefore, conventional zip line rides require a mountain or tall structure within their vicinity. Many traditional zip lines have been installed on flat ground with a pole on one end that require riders to climb the pole in order to ride.  The challenges associated with requiring guests to climb poles makes this an unattractive option for amusement site owners.


Soaring Eagle Zip Lines are extremely scalable and can be mounted to buildings, structures, rock cliff or mountain sides, bridges or towers. For sites with limited or no such options, Soaring Eagle can provide a pole to work as the high point. The ride length can range from 350ft to 700ft. Any site can accommodate the Soaring Eagle Zip Line, and where guests board at ground level, the challenges of requiring riders to climb poles is eliminated.

5. Age & Size Restrictions

Age / size restrictions and only one rider at a time can make zip line rides an unappealing family friendly attraction.Due to their nature, many standard zip line rides impose minimum age / size restrictions targeted toward a mature crowd. Because certain important elements of the operation are under the control of the rider, many zip line rides do not allow children to participate.
Additionally, on rides where only one guest can ride at a time, the excitement of sharing the experience with a companion is lost.


With Soaring Eagle Zip Lines, the thrill and excitement is doubled because it can be shared. Soaring Eagle Zip Line carts seat two at a time adding fun to the experience for participants. Because of the unique design of the 2 seater cart, Soaring Eagle Zip Lines are not limited to the same age and size restrictions of typical zip line rides.

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